AXE released their first magazine and I was one of the chosen & lucky ones being part of it. I received 3 exclusive pages in this super-cool print issue next to other “misfits”.


Shaun Ross is one of the key figures of the mag, because of his #inmyskiniwin initiative. Everyone is perfect exactly the way he (or she) is – so we should stop paying attention to the ideals of different societies. Shaun also gives TED talks to advice people on, well, feeling comfortable in their own skin.

AXEAXEAXEAXEThe magazine is all about being an individual and staying true to yourself. Have no fear to be yourself and whatever your path is!


AXE’s brand identity was always about celebrating appeal – today’s beauty lies within everything – it’s not about being posh and polished anymore, it’s about doing your thing. This is what their new campaign is all about – and it’s called #findyourmagic.

Maybe you have some deformed shins already from skating or BMX riding (like me)… Scars a classic beauty society would photoshop – for me and for AXE that’s exactly what we want to see. Things like that are telling a story – about you being who you are and being alive! Being unique and a strong individual – that’s what’s truly beautiful!

AXEThe magazine released last thursday took place in a classic Berlin “Späti” (a small market open 24/7) in Neukölln – a district on the verge of being gentrified. A creative crowd of bloggers, graffiti-artists, models and skaters got together there. The concept was really awesome – every item in the whole grocery shop was for free! It was like a child’s dream to go in and just pick as much chocolate, snacks & drinks as you can! :)

AXEThe AXE mag celebrating beauty of all kinds will be available for free in assorted stores, bars and clubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as of now. So keep your eyes open for your issue!

AXEBesides the new magazine AXE also released a whole new fragrance line, evolving from their AXE Africa roots to more sophisticated and grown-up scents.




Shirt: Tom Ford
Suspenders: Gosha Rubchinskiy
Trousers: Vintage
Socks: Gosha Rubchinskiy
Sneakers: Balenciaga
Belt & Chains: hardware store

Photographer:  Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr
Location: Neukölln, Berlin

In collaboration with AXE.