(Advertorial)  Cartier is not only a benchmark when it comes to jewellery and watches. They are also big in creating high end fragrances. Not like other luxury competitors on the market they don’t give the scent business away. They do it the right way – themselves.

l'envol de cartier

Cartier invited me to the restaurant “Überfahrt” at the “Tegernsee” for the presentation. This lake is a well known recreational area especially for the Munich upper class. They also brought us there the proper way – by helicopter!

l'envol de cartierl'envol de cartierl'envol de cartier
l'envol de cartierl'envol de cartierl'envol de cartier

Inspiration for the scent

Since the inspiration for the new scent was the Ambrosia by the gods, so we had to rise to the heavens (or sky) to reach our location. The Maison Cartier was always inspired by freethinkers and pioneers, who love to explore and find new challenges.

l'envol de cartierl'envol de cartierl'envol de cartierl'envol de cartier

Cuisine de luxe

Christian Jürgens – the chef of the star-studded cuisine at the “Überfahrt” restaurant – is really a master of his class. The table landscape was blooming with mushrooms and different kinds of unexpected food art. I have to say I have seen lots of food styles (besides pizza ;-)) but what Christian makes is really beyond. Or did you ever get your dessert served in a wooden potato box filled with “soil” (cocoa powder)?

l'envol de cartierl'envol de cartierl'envol de cartier

A scent for the courageous man created by a woman !

But back to the main character of this post: L’envol the Cartier!
The scent was created by one of the very few real perfumers in the world – the incredible Mathilde Laurent: “My inspiration for the scent was self-contemplation. How to get rid of fear and gain the courage for more. This is how I ended up in considering ambrosia/met the nectar of gods”.

Due to her fine senses Mathilde managed to become the first in-house perfumer in the business of scents.

l'envol de cartier

A poem to accompany the scent

The idea to transcend borders was also influenced by Baudelaire’s poem “Elevation”. Here’s an outtake I liked a lot:

“Whose thoughts, like larks, rise on the freshening breeze
Who fans the morning with his tameless wings,
Skims over life, and understands with ease
The speech of flowers and other voiceless things.”

l'envol de cartier

The scent somehow reminds me of my first encounter with the luxury world at young age, while exploring high fashion boutiques and spending my last money on some sale rack items.

I personally count the scent as one of my new favorites, especially since my wife really loves it – and is there something better then smelling good for your loved ones!?



The scent is inspired by ambrosia (met) – “the nectar of gods”. A drink which creates immortality. The scent is like a elixir of life – freeing, activating and pulsing.

The Scent:

A transparent orienthal scent. Masculin but gently. The notes include honey, guaiac wood, patchouli and musk which creates a wooden but fresh and light taste arrangement. Its trail is pure, iridescent and airy.


I was really intrigued with the design of it’s flaçon (the 100ml flagship version), which is a capsule within a detachable glass dome, so that the perfume seems to almost float within. You can detach the capsule from the glass dome and carry it around separately as well – so it’s also perfect for traveling!


L’envol de Cartier is AVAILABLE AS OF TODAY!

l'envol de cartier

My L’envol look:

Suit: Acne
Shirt: Matthew Miller
Top: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Belt: Helmut Lang vintage
Socks: Falke
Sneakers: Balenciaga
Shades: Andy Wolf

Location: Restaurant “Überfahrt” and above, Tegernsee, Germany
Photographer: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr

In collaboration with Cartier.