Korea is coming – the special k of fashion! Not just brands like Juun.J which have been infiltrating the western fashion scene already for a while are on top – also many other brands like Ader you will see on the cool kids these days.


During my last trip to Berlin I found a brand-new korean fashion store called K studio to get the latest stuff from the east.


South Korea is a melting pot of creativity – the isolated scene is slopping over to our western world more and more. With it’s k-pop and the colorful youth culture around it inspires the reserved clothing industry in Europe.


This time I had the chance to act in front of  Lowlightleague’s founder mxmilian camera.
Check out his Instagram for some serious roofing and lowlight action:


My special K look:

Cap: Ader
Shirt: Russel Athletics
Shorts: Ader
Sneakers: Nike
Backpack: Haazenbaerts


Location: voestalpine, Linz, Austria
Fotos & Film by mxmilian