I “survived” my first cruise. Although I was sceptical at first I have to say I really loved it in the end.

A cruise is really different to travelling with other vehicles. It’s a big hotel (up to 4947 people on the Costa Diadema!!!) floating on the sea. Okay that’s obvious, but I never thought about it this way. You jump into your bedsheets and the next day you wake up at another place.


In the latest  #WORLDOFLIONHEADED mood video on top you can get a pretty good overall impression from the whole week and all our tour stops with the newest cruiseship of Costa called Costa Diadema.

My thoughts on my first cruise (with Costa):

  • The rooms are way bigger than I excpected – still the bathrooms are small, but I had smaller ones in hotels on the ground so it’s still okay.
  • The interior design is way more kitchy than I imagined. There are light bulbs everywhere and it’s colorful like a casino. That was shocking at first, but not only do you get used to it – this style would also make for a flash photography paradise for a fashion shoot! Next time I will pack a flash for sure.
  • The food is really good – maybe because it’s Italian ;) ! I was really happy that there was also a great offer for vegetarians (as vegans it would be quite hard though).
  • The whole cruise experience is super well organized – when you leave or enter the boat you hardly wait for more than 15 minutes, we were pretty much on schedule all the time and got a lot of infos via the daily paper we received (about weather forecasts, the program on the ship, etc.) – all in our mother tongue.
  • It’s a really cozy and comfortable way to see a lot of different places in one week – at least to get a first glimpse of a lot of places. One day per destination is just not enough time.
  • The ship is more shaky than I thought, when the weather is windy or or the sea is rough. But when you get used to it and especially in bed it is actually really calming and I was never afraid (or got seasick luckily).

thelionheaded-com-costa-diadema-18cruisecruiseMore info about the Costa Cruise:




My 5 tips for cruise beginners:

  1. Make sure to pay the upgrade to a balcony room – it’s worth the money and it just feels good to open a door and step out from time to time. It also gives you a sense of freedom, when yo feel you need to leave the ship for a minute.
  2. Take a big multi-way connector with you – there is only one electrical outlet (one european and one american version) and I’m sure you also have at least a phone, a camera battery and maybe your laptop to charge.
  3. The Wifi on board is pretty expensive, because it’s operated via satellite – there is a social media option for 23 euros for one week (which doesn’t allow e-mails or google maps), so we opted for the 3 GB data option, which cost us 109 euros.
  4. Travel with a small and a big trolley – the big luggage has to be checked in and needs some time to get on board and when leaving the ship in the end you have to hand over the big luggage the day before as well. So it’s good to have a small trolley with things you’ll need.
  5. Bring a lightweight windbreaker and an isolation jacket with you, so you can enjoy the sunset outside at a bar on deck of the ship – it does get chilly at night (especially in October of course).

cruiseMy cruise look:

Cap: Keds customized
Shades: Projekt Samsen
Pullover: Ader Error by K-Studio Berlin
Trousers: Weekday
Socks: Palace
Sneakers: Reebok
Carabiner: Palace

Photographer: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr

Video: by myself
Music: Hayden James – Just A Lover (PETIT BISCUIT Remix)

Thanks to Costa Cruises for the ride.