There is nothing better than traveling with the one you love. Exploring the world with someone you love always gives you the feeling of being home. The perfect location to spend time together is the Hotel Gams in Vorarlberg.


I had the chance to spend time with my wife at the Hotel Gams, which specializes in the concept of togetherness between c0uples.


Everything at the Hotel Gams is prepared in a way to give a canvas for spending time together and diving into an oriental world in the mountainous area of Vorarlberg.


Very soon after entering the doors you will forget your daily business and enter a world  full of relaxation and enjoyment.


The owners travelled the whole world to collect inspiration for their hotel concept. In the end they selected with the oriental flair, because it has the right amount of coziness mixed with the extraordinary to let you enter a fairytale of it’s own kind.


The rooms are spacious, but super cozy at the same time – like an oriental princess’ room ;) . They’re all equipped with your own private balcony to get a breathtaking view of the extraordinary surrounding, without seeing (or being seen by) your neighbors.


Special 1001 oriental night at Hotel Gams:

To get into the oriental mood even more the Hotel Gams sets up a special oriental night every thursday. The whole hotel transfers into an oriental market at that day. The reception desk moves over for an endless buffet of oriental inspired food goodness – so if you arrive on thursday you maybe have to look twice for someone from the reception desk ;) They’ll serve running food with oriental spices and there’s also live cooking. The whole spa stays open until midnight. And to make you feel even more comfortable – everyone is dressed in bathing robes and you even get your own 1001 night slippers for that night. Let me tell you you no matter how hard your week was you will be relaxed after this evening ;)

Something very important for (especially my) well being is good food. And the hotel restaurant really served my needs. They prepared very tasteful accomplished food – which makes you happy from inside out – also when you are a vegetarian like me (yes, unfortunately it’s still hard to get good vegetarian food at some places – especially in the Austrian alps).

Bonus: Right next to the reception desk you will always find jars with dozens of different sweets waiting for you and even a popcorn machine serves your needs 24/7!


Explore Vorarlberg:

If you still feel the need to leave your room and the hotel for some exploration of the really beautiful nature in Vorarlberg, you can choose between a pink convertible car, some Piaggio motorcycle, or some nice bicycles for taking a closer look at the surrounding landscape.

My absolute favorite place was the area around the „Kalbelesee“ – perfect for some pictures and a small hike up in the mountains and yet not overrun by visitors.

How to get there:

The best way to get to Vorarlberg is to take a flight by People’s Viennaline, which flies from Vienna to Altenrhein (Switzerland) directly. From there it’s a 45 minutes car ride to the hotel. The one hour flight saves you some hours on the road – to drive there by car will need approximately 8 hours from Vienna.


My Hotel Gams look:

Jacket: Won Hundred by Zalando
Pullover: Uniqlo
Trousers: Joseph
Sneakers: Balenciaga


In collaboration with Hotel Gams.
Thanks for the ride to People’s Viennaline.