To complete the all-inclusive package at the #Zalandosummerhouse we had a  fashion shooting with quirky and inspiring Leni Paperboats for the new opulence fall winter theme by Zalando.


Zalando puts a focus on the “opulence trend” as the perfect look for the upcoming winter season. Luckily during our shooting day (in early September) it was already a little bit cooler and rainy in Berlin, so I could wear the pullover without melting.



Opulence is something I normally don’t appreciate that much – maybe because the word has a very nostalgic appeal. But if you reinterpretate the word in a new and modern way like layering and combining oversized pieces with lots of accessories I’m on board. ;)


My “Opulence” look:

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Photographer: Leni Paperboats
Location: Streets of Berlin

In collaboration with Zalando.