The silent time in the year is always louder than you expected it. For most people it’s quite stressful und the cities are packed with last minute shoppers. A couple of years ago we decided to quit the gift rush in our family and this made the Christmas time a lot more joyful.

I don’t have to run around and search for “stupid” presents (that usually no one needs and no one wants to get, unless they created a shopping list for you, which makes your present less thoughtful and emotional). To be honest the things you really want to have you just buy yourself – if you are already earning your own money. And the things you can’t afford – you can guess it – your beloved ones aren’t going to afford them as well.


So why stress and why gift so much? Don’t get me wrong – I love to make presents! For example for birthdays or even just without any occasion. But then it’s just one person and one present you’re getting – and you can focus your energy on this present and make it really special and thoughtful (without having to ask for a wishlist).

My tips for a more joyful Christmas:

  • Buy no presents! (And that coming from a motherf***ing fashion blogger! ;)
    Side note: You can buy lots of things the whole year – things you really love and really use…
    (Except if you have kids, then buy a loot of presents of course!) :)
  • Prepare a special dinner together with your loved ones – hang out with them and just enjoy each other’s company. Put your love in your food and not in your presents!
  • You can try to start by already decorating the tree and the dinner table together – this way you’ll even spend more time with your Moms, Dads and Grandparents – which is the only gift they really want to get from you!
  • If you still want to buy something – buy yourself a nice Christmas outfit so you look good for your loved ones ;)

Shop my Christmas Look:


ChristmasMy actual look:

Pullover: Raf Simons
Shirt: Carven
Turtleneck: Vintage
Trousers: Hope
Boots: Emporio Armani




Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy Holidays!

Since I also want you to really spend more time with your family and not hanging around on the Internet I will be back with new posts on the blog after my Christmas break next year!