Sometimes things feel like a constant loop – every 30 years the past hits a comeback moment. I grew up in the 90’s when Swatch was THE big thing – every kid needed one of their colorful timepieces. And now they’re back!


The revolution back then was that Swatch started to compete against conventional watches. Their watches were fully automatically assembled and Swatch managed to reduce the number of parts from the usual 200 or more to only 51 components. This is what made Swatch lighter and also cheaper, while still being “Swiss made”.


I can remember when I got my first yellow and orange striped version – a really thin watch on my skinny wrists. This watch helped making sure that I would come back to dinner on time during my solo explorations through the woods close to my home ;-)


And just for all the younger folks reading this and wondering why I didn’t check my phone for the time? Believe it or not: The mobile phone wasn’t invented yet back then! ;) So a watch was the most advanced technology to get you home on time.


Swatch also re-popularized analog watches at a time when digital watches had come to wide popularity. So even in the 90s Swatch made something retro fit for the future. I had a few problems with my old watch so I had to learn how to fix a watch. It’s pretty simple really!!


So back in the future (meaning: now) Swatch released their new revolutionary Sistem51, which is the world’s first entirely automated assembly mechanical movement. Swatch also made it possible that there are still only 51 components used, just like in their first watches.


Technical facts Swatch Sistem51

  • Mechanical movement (first ever entirely automated assembly)
  • 51 components, all of which are anchored to a central screw, fewer components = less tear and wear.
  • 90 hour power reserve
  • Special ARCAP (Alloy,Copper,Nickel and Zink) anti magnetic material – prevents the movement from adjustments over time
  • No service for movement needed! Special escapement is set with a laser during production.
  • 100% Swiss made.



– Just leave a comment and write which style you would love to get! The lucky winner will be announced on Sunday 4th of December on Instastories @lionheaded.

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SISTEM51 Styles

My choice:



My (R)evolution look:

To complete the 90’s retro style I decided to go with a Helmut Lang piece. Helmut Lang was – in my opinion – the greatest designer (not only) of that time and his influence on fashion design is still visible today. The shirt is a new item produced for the 032c magazine Helmut Lang edition and is already sold out.

Jacket: Christopher Shannon
T-shirt: 032C Helmut Lang
Neckpiece: Helmut Lang vintage
Pullover: Gold line
Trousers: Hope
Socks: Cult
Sneakers: Vans vintage
Belt & Chains: Hardwear store
Cruiser board: Makanih (sponsored)
Stickers: Gucci Ghost

Photographer: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr
Cinematographer: Yuri Levin

In collaboration with Swatch.