Do you still remember your childhood toothbrush with your personal Comic book hero (or Star Wars character) on it? Didn’t you love brushing your teeth with it every day even more than once? But the real question is do we have to grow up? Can we still get excited about a movie release like Rogue One like back in the days?

Rogue one

My answer is: Nope! We don’t have to grow up. And Yes! We can still get overly excited about small things. We can still have fun with our daily routines, bring the heroes into our daily life and fall in love with otherwise boring objects again. And we can also believe in magic! ;-)

Rogue one

Star Wars is probably more than just a factory for heroes, for some it’s already a religion of sorts since more than a decade. Well, the guys at Gillette probably know that – that’s why they came up with a special edition to bring some of that childhood fun back into your clean and cool bathrooms.

Rogue oneRogue oneRogue one

The already known Gillette Fusion ProShield lubrication before and after the blades helps to shield while you shave. Plus, FlexBall Technology makes maximum contact over contours which is very important for me. The special Rogue One – Star Wars edition has the well known emblem on the grasp.

Rogue oneRogue One film release

The new Star Wars Story called Rogue One will be released ton thursday and the trailer got me quite excited – doesn’t it look all dark and thrilling? The question is “Are you with me?”?

Rogue One – trailer

Rogue oneRogue one

Gillette also made an very impressive ad- trailer which you can watch here:

Gillette – Rogue One

Rogue one

My Rogue One look:

Jacket (white): Stutterheim – customized by me
Jacket (black): Hope
Pullover: Weekday
T-Shirt: Weekday
Trousers: Dries van Noten
Socks: Stance
Sneakers: Nike
Backpack: Haazenbaerts – customized by me

Location: Library and Learning Centre University of Economics, 1020 Vienna
Photographer: Peter Oswald -tasty on Instagram: tasty creates





Rogue one

In collaboration with Gillette.