Sometimes in life you see places, that are just breathtaking. The Azulik Resort and the surrounding area of Tulum is for sure such a place. Let me take you there!

Azulik, Hotel, Tulum, Jucatan, Mexico

Is it just because we watched films like “The Blue Lagoon” or a little later “The Beach” when we were kids? So that might be the reason we ended up dreaming of places like the Azulik Resort for our whole life? Does this create the magic about living in a tree house at the beach with oceanview?

Azulik, Hotel, Tulum, Jucatan, MexicoAzulik, Hotel, Tulum, Jucatan, MexicoAzulik, Hotel, Tulum, Jucatan, Mexico

I don’t know exactly if that’s why, but this feeling is so captivating you won’t want to leave this place forever. Although there is a small fly in the ointment for a digital addicted person like me – there is no wifi in the villas. If this is a dealbreaker, you can always look on sites like Rental Cloud for more options.

Azulik, Hotel, Tulum, Jucatan, Mexico

Okay, I mean I get it – if you come here with your partner on vacation you really want to enjoy the time without social media and other digital time consuming trash. But I also enjoy surfing the web with an oceanview from my bed, which recently became my favorite workspace.

Well, no wifi means more time to really enjoy the villa – sit on the swing or workout on the deck… you name it! And if you gotta work, then you take your laptop to the Spa reception area.

Azulik, Hotel, Tulum, Jucatan, MexicoAzulik, Hotel, Tulum, Jucatan, MexicoAzulik, Hotel, Tulum, Jucatan, Mexico

The Azulik Eco resort experience:Azulik, Hotel, Tulum, Jucatan, Mexico

  • When you enter your “room” (which is more like your own tree house villa) you feel like entering a bird’s nest. It’s like sleeping in a house mother nature herself could have created – and it also feels like that. A warm, organic design mostly out of pure wood surrounds you.
  • You’ll sleep with the sound of the ocean, wind and nature – which could be also loud at times, but still very calming. There are also lots of birds around, which are talking to you with their whistling voices – this will make you sleep like a baby.
  • There are no showers – which gives you even more of a “tree house back to basic” feel. Okay, you might need to get used to bathing ever day in the tub, but in the end you’ll think back smiling when you tried to wash your back and got some helping hands ;)
  • The food in the new Kin Toh tree house restaurant was very refined and quite excellent – and even came with vegan options for a full 5 course dinner. Some of the organic vegetables are even grown in Azulik’s own gardens.
  • There are no electric lights in your room. This is such a great experience. Our world is full of electric lights, which are mostly just horrible for your eyes. The pretty dark light the candle lit room will give you in your nest will calm not only your eyes but also your mind.
  • There’s also just two power outlets to get your electrical equipment loaded and running, so better be wise with your charging rhythms.
  • The water in your bathtub is from Azulik’s very own “cenote” – which I would easily call “the fountain of youth” from the Mayas. It’s water full of minerals (but not salty) and very soothing to your body.

All in all I can say, a stay at the Azulik Resort is really a wholesome experience!

Azulik, Hotel, Tulum, Jucatan, Mexico

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Azulik, Hotel, Tulum, Jucatan, MexicoMy Azulik Look:

Shirt: Yves Saint Laurent vintage
Trousers: Russel Athletic
Belt: Football Belt
Bathing Trunks: Diesel S/S 17 (Thanks to Diesel)

Photographer: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr


Thanks for the stay to Azulik Eco Resort.