As soon as I saw this collab, I knew it was going to be one of my favorites this season. The Craig Green x Björn Borg collection has everything. A minimalistic vision full of details in perfection!

It also seems Craig Green has been watching me for a long time – he used the circle symbol, that I cut out in so many of my pieces ;-) This symbol is something you probably have seen repeatedly here on the blog, as I use it in lots of my pimped items. In today’s outfit I cut out a circle from my customized Vans.

If you wonder why I like circles so much, you can read more about my inspiration for the first customized item from the series. – click here

The Japan inspiration

Craig Green also seems equally addicted to Japanese culture like myself. The attention to detail when it comes to design, shapes, materials… well, living in general – is the result of a proper training in concentration. I really look up to this level of mind and body training. Mastering pretty much everything to absolute perfection is something only the Japanese culture achieved.

The art of minimalism has always been magnetic to me. It goes like the traditional haiku poems:

An old silent pond…
A frog jumps into the pond,
splash! Silence again.

The capsule collection

This collection consists of eighteen unique sportswear pieces, of which five are especially made for performance sports. The monochrome pieces are entirely held in black and cream white.

The whole collection is made of unisex pieces, which is something Craig Green stands for.

Now only one question remains: You might have already asked yourself why I’m dancing & running around in these shots like nobody’s watching? Well, this mystery will be solved soon!

My look:

Coat: Craig Green x Björn Borg (Thanks to Björn Borg)
Pullover: Vintage
Trousers: Craig Green x Björn Borg
Sneakers: Customized Vans (Thanks to Zalando)

Photographer: Michael Pruegl / @pruegl
Location: Secret Spot Vienna

㊙️ ㊙️ ㊙️