Shopping alert! There are 3 must have trousers to cop these season.  They are all inspired by the past – as so often in fashion.


  1. The Skai (vegan leather) pants. Inspired by the Goth and Rave scene, but also by the fetish world, these shiny sweat pants are here to level up your wardrobe.
  2. The cropped flair pants. Those are still not as flaired as they used to be in the early 70’s, but come with the right touch of weirdness to look more sophisticated than your skinny jeans, mate!
  3. The oversized pants. I’m still not sure if we want to compromise the freedom of walking easily for this style, but those do look fucking awesome. Check this look I posted earlier: STREET – WILD WIDE

PS.: And of course the main color for all of this trousers stays black ;)

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