I can’t believe I just produced my first music video… and now it’s finally ready to hit your eyes!

The music video production

When the talented Michael Nordhagen aka Trillion Catz asked me to produce the music video for his new tune “Keep it real”, I already had the first vision for it. So of course I said yes! And the title of the song really picks up on a topic that is more current then ever. In times of follower and like hunts on Social Media, it’s a challenge to stay real. Let’s try to bring honesty back!

Special thanks to the camera kid Michael for climbing the dirtiest containers to get the best shots!

Trillion Catz – the new sound

By the way: You already know Trillion Catz’ sound, since I use his music for most of my “Street” videos. His new tune is equally impressive!

Read & hear more from him:
Trillion Catz

My Keep it real look

I already showed you a couple of stills from the video production last week. So you can find more about the pieces from the Craig Green x Björn Borg collection I’m wearing in this blogpost!


Music: Trillion Catz – Keep it real
Camera: Michael Pruegl / @pruegl


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