It’s finally time to introduce you to a new world on this blog! You’ve probably seen enough of me posing in fancy outfits already – so let’s concentrate on more important things: Like the voice of creative people behind brands. I’m kicking off this new series with the young and creative Julia Skergeth and her Austrian footwear label.

A new interview series

The focus of “come closer” will be on the local uprising design scene. It’s a true passion project, since I always want to support creative people. The vision is to connect you to the people behind the brands,  let you fall in love with them and maybe even support them during your next shopping trip.

How creative people work, think and survive

The question is – are creative people some kind of aliens? Like Mies Van der Rohe said a while ago “We prefer to stand with our feet firmly on the ground, but with our heads among the stars.” How do creative people work, what are their journeys and motivations? And how do they even survive and make money? I hope the interview series will bring some light into the darkness! ;)

Part 1: Julia Skergeth, footwear designer

Julia Skergeth opens up this brand new category on my blog. I’m more than happy to show you her vision.

“I believe in a perfect pair of shoes,
shoes you can pair with any outfit and still get attention from people. It is my mission to bring great design for a great price to great people and I do it with heart and passion.” – Julia Skergeth

Thank you Julia for being my first interview candidate and for the insights into your job and passion!

For more info about Julia Skergeth and her designs go to:


Instagram: Js by Julia Skergeth

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