(Advertorial) When it comes to the Lighthouse Festival trip with Zalando I was prepared for a few excessive days with little sleep and resting time. And – to be honest – that scared me a little. But as often in our lives things turned out completely differently.

lighthouse festival, zalando, Sandro, Hope, Nike, _Dick Moby,lighthouse festival, zalando, Sandro, Hope, Nike, _Dick Moby,lighthouse festival, zalando, Sandro, Hope, Nike, _Dick Moby,

The most exhausting thing during the whole festival actually was the bus ride! ;-) It took us 15 hours to get to Croatia from Vienna – mainly due to some analog map reading problems. But besides that the trip was one sun kissed, relaxed dance vacay.

lighthouse festival, zalando, Sandro, Hope, Nike, _Dick Moby,The Lighthouse Festival experience

You might think a festival at the seaside with loads of music sounds a bit like spring break. This could mean doing lots of stupid things and ending up with a week long headache. But luckily most of the people you will meet on the festival terrain are rather relaxed grown ups.

The overall vibe is super chill and people are really helpful and polite. Maybe it’s also so relaxed, because the whole festival is a big Viennese family get-together. Honestly if you are from Vienna you will meet friends at every corner there!

lighthouse festival, zalando, Sandro, Hope, Nike, _Dick Moby,

My highlights from the festival

Zalando was on board for the first time to sponsor the event and they made it extra special for us. We were staying in a proper hotel with showers, beds and buffet breakfast. Yes, that’s how old people like me can enjoy a festival ;)

  • Zalando also set up a pretty nice chill out area with comfy hammocks to get some rest after dancing.
  • The festival premises are really huge. Between the different stages you’ll find a lot of lush and green recreational pathways. You can also choose to take a swim in the sea or the hotel pool all the time. The bungalows even feature their own dipping pools.
  • Yes, you read right – no camping, no tents. People sleep in proper beds in bungalows or apartments.
  • Parties are everywhere – especially at night it seems every hotel room starts it’s own club. You’ll find hidden gigs all over the festival.
  • My highlight was the Pizza Disco – for obvious reasons! Getting fresh, hot Pizza while dancing in a Club is pretty close to my vision of heaven.
  • The best part was our fabulous crew: Les Factory Femmes, Christl Clear, Fashiontweed, Poschstyle, Hank Ge, Way of Jay including the lovely Zalando and Heroes & Heroines crew.

My overall conclusion – I’ll be back!
(That really means something when you are a classic party pooper like me!)


lighthouse festival, zalando, Sandro, Hope, Nike, _Dick Moby,My Lighthouse Festival look by Zalando

At least one of the looks I wore during all of the festival days ;)


Jacket: Wemoto *
Pullover: Sandro *
Trousers: Hope *
Sneakers: Nike *
Shades: Dick Moby *

Location: Lighthouse Festival, Porec – Croatia
Photographer: Daniel Gottschling
Music: Gunnar Olsen – Never Sleep

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In collaboration with Zalando.