(Advertorial) Life always takes some unexpected turns. If someone would have asked me if I could produce a video for a new campaign a year ago, I would have answered: How? Now, just one year later, I answered: Yes! So, this was the first time I created a campaign video – for the furniture company Raum.Freunde.

My path to filming

What has changed? Within this one year I started with filming and video editing. This wasn’t a really conscious decision. I just wanted to produce my own travel videos (you can check them out on thetravelblog.at).

Very soon I recognized, that I have a serious passion for filming. I love the process of finding special moments in time and cut short parts out of it to bring them together into a new version of the past memories.

raum.freunde, Hannah, Filippa k, Marni, vonmorgen

Working for Raum.Freunde

Therefore I’m more than happy that Raum.Freunde put so much trust into my work and asked me to produce their video. This came shortly after I had produced this story for my blog last year.

It was not easy to work with a product, that’s not fashion – as this was something new for me. Especially when it comes to the logistics of it all… :) You just can’t go out and place a sofa somewhere around the street. But in the end I was really lucky, that I could manage and plan (I’m not a big planner as you might know already) to get the interior piece placed in a cool surrounding.

The location

I stumbled upon this empty water tower at the so called “Traktorfabrik” in Vienna and immediately knew I wanted to shoot there. Thankfully this was possible – and here it is! My first campaign video for the Sofa “Hannah” from Raum.Freunde.


My look

Glasses: Rolf Spectacles *
Pullover: Filippa K * – similar here
Trousers: Marni
Shoes: von morgen *


Location: Traktor Fabrik, 1210 Vienna
Camera Kid: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr
Music: Trillion Catz – Everything is not okay







🛋 🛋 🛋

In collaboration with Raum.Freunde.