(Advertorial) You probably know me already – I’m constantly changing – also in my fashion style. But there’s other news as well. I’m becoming more and more of a videographer. If you would have asked me one year ago if I could create video content for brands I would have answered “Me? Seriously?”. But just this is happening now!

Moving forward

One year ago I started editing my first videos. I wanted to catch all my traveling moments on video – since I think you get more feeling and emotions from places you visit in moving pictures. At first, I thought I would never cut my own videos. It always looked so complicated and my lazy self didn’t really want to learn something new.

But at one point I had no one helping me with all the filmed material – so I turned to Youtube and watched my first “how to edit videos” tutorials. What followed is a multitude of rather trashy videos… :) But with training, you luckily become a little better step by step – and I’ve come to like my recent work better and better as well. I’m so glad that I learned How to become a Freelance Videographer. It’s turned from a hobby into a career and I’m so grateful!

The first brand projects

What happened after I published my videos was rather surprising to me: I had some of the brands I work together specifically asking for my videos. First, it was only about videos for my blog, but after a while, I got the first requests to produce videos for the brands own channels. I was finally fulfilling my dream of becoming a videographer!


Today I want to introduce you to one of those projects for my long-time partner RAUM.FREUNDE. This was already my second project for them (see the first collaboration here) – and the first time I had to be just behind the camera (a new feeling for me ;-)). I always wanted to work with one of the best Austrian female parkour athletes Pamela Forster, who you maybe got to know recently from Ninja Warrior and other appearances on TV.

Also this time I was completely free in creating a visual story for their new campaign. And I have to say at least logistically it was simpler than last time, when I had to move a whole sofa through Vienna. ;)

More about the shown RAUM.FREUNDE product here: ANNIKA

Location: Rooftop – Traktor Agency
Photographer: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr
Model: Pamela Forster – check her Instagram for more


In collaboration with RAUM.FREUNDE