Is the Vetements hype already over? Some classic fashion lovers never accepted the Georgian mastermind to begin with. But noone can deny he inspired the whole fashion industry in the past years.

vestments, maison margielavestments, maison margielavestments, maison margielaInfluential visions

It really seems all brands imitate Demna Gvasalia’s anti-style visions. But nowadays you hear some saying his empire is over. I have to admit that most of the real visionary designs from Demna are moving to his collection for Balenciaga. (This is also something you can notice in Jonathan Anderson’s work for Loewe.)

But Demna is currently still the most influential designer of our times – like my all time hero Helmut Lang was back in the 90’s.

vestments, maison margielavestments, maison margielaAnti-style

Demna brought back the fun into high fashion. Breaking with the cliché of beauty, that is so prevalent on social media, and also by creating a deeper understanding of style. It’s all about the attitude. Garments that tell a story.

Every piece of Vetements easily looks like it has been your favourite item for years. For now the focus if the style was not so much on cuts, techniques and refined details. But Demna already disclosed the future of Vetements will move more into that direction – which is an interesting development and makes me excited to see if the brand can evolve into something new.

vestments, maison margielaPast and future

So I think the whole Vetements hype won’t be really over any time soon. It will settle of course and the high fashion brand will be a brand like many others. Vetements will become just another label, but for now it‘s still the right time and hits the right notes.

vestments, maison margiela

Maybe all of the criticism goes back to Vetements being a new label, a rebel in the fashion world. But think back to Helmut Lang’s start. He had to invite lots of friends to his first shows just to get the rows filled!

And now? His brand is still here – even without the congenial inventor. It’s not the hyped brand anymore, so that‘s a path that could work for Vetements as well. You simply can‘t be the rebel forever.

vestments, maison margiela

The look was shot for Viennese multibrand store Chegini and it’s really well done Instagram account (done by the talented Cake disruptionista Sophia Stolz and the uprising street style photographer Samir Novotny).

vestments, maison margielaMy Vetements look:

Jacket: Vetements
Shirt: Maison Margiela
Scarf: Vetements
Jeans: Vetements
Socks: Vetements
Sneakers: Vetements

Sophia’s look is on Cheginis Instagram.

Stay local: All items are available at Chegini, Vienna

?Location: Chegini (courtyard), 1010 Vienna
? Photography: Samir Novotny /