The dark side. Inspired by childhood heroes like Marilyn Manson and The Cure I started exploring the darker side at an early age (yes, I wore dark eye liner at school). Demna from Vetements and other brand masterminds – who also had their youth in the 90’s – understand the emotional attachment to the darkness.

Vetements, Carol Christian PoellWhy choose dark

The bright side sometimes feels like it’s just bright on the outside, but inside is hollow and empty. Teenagers have a lot of emotions and are prisoned between the highest highs and the lowest lows. Like dealing with the first breakup or maybe even not getting to the point of being broken up with.

Vetements, Carol Christian Poell

So this is why I chose to dress dark on the outside to reflect the inside in my teenage days.  In my case I also wore real gothic make-up in school for some years to show even more of the dark side to the people. It for sure also had something to do with my rebellious nature. I always wanted to show people something different than what they are used to – also by dressing up more eccentric.

Vetements, Carol Christian PoellVetements, Carol Christian Poell

Vetements dark side

Demna maybe also feels the way I felt and wanted to remind himself of the glorious dark days. He dressed up at the latest shows several times in all black outfit with heavy gothic boots. Maybe it’s ironically meant like most of the pieces he created so far.  But maybe he also yearningly searches for something deeper after his “nothing is serious” we are all random people wearing random Logos all over phase.

Vetements, Carol Christian PoellVetements, Carol Christian Poell

Growing old

The good thing about growing old is that you settle. You don’t settle for less. But for yourself. Now I am not that rebellious anymore, but that’s probably also a good thing. I can wear darkness, without feeling it inside anymore! Although I have to admit – I do look back with a little pride for how bad ass I was once ;)

Vetements, Carol Christian Poell

The bright future

I think we have to remind ourselves sometimes about that bad ass younger us and try out something new. Especially when it comes to my main addiction fashion.

“There are too many duplicates running around everywhere.”

And when they even start wearing Vetements, they just wear the safe and boring stuff. I know we all don’t want to have that provocative attitude everyday, but sometimes it just feels good to be bad and brake with this years  “normcore” overload.

Vetements, Carol Christian PoellVetements, Carol Christian Poell

Vetements, Carol Christian PoellMy Vetements look:

Dress: Vetements
Cap: Vetements
Trousers: Vetements – similar here
Socks: Vetements
Shoes: Carol Christian Poell


All items are also available at Chegini, Vienna




📍Location: Chegini (courtyard), 1010 Vienna
📷 Photography: Samir Novotny /

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