Since there is nothing better than getting your favourite designer piece for less – let’s start with this new category! I’m a real online shopping professional and therefore will introduce you to my favourite finds every week.

Sale Yeah!

I will show you my favourite pieces from the sale rack all over the world wide web. Of course I’ll only select high end designer pieces, because we are not cheap ;)

Stop buying fast fashion like ZARA and H&M! It is no design, it’s just a cheap rip off!!!

Let’s start with a whole look:

The eccentric bookworm

The whole look is from Farfetch which offers a 20% discount code until 8th of January.

Use code “20jan” on Checkout

Let’s start with the hottest brand right now: Y/Project. Glenn Martens is one of the masterminds of today. A deconstructed sleek army turtleneck pullover is something your closet definitely needs:

545 € | 50% off =  273 €


Now to the mastermind since forever – Raf Simons for Calvin Klein. Simple, sophisticated jeans – because your ripped jeans are just a rip off:

410 € | 50% off =  205 €


Oh lord Demna, save me from my sins with this blanket scarf and supersleek derbies.

Scarf: 650 € | 40% off = 390 €
Shoes: 45 € | 50% off = 273 €


Luckily Gosha is not only caught in his “we are all football hooligans” universe and also offers solid dad core jackets:

25 € | 30% off =  368 €