Has the Dadcore trend finally hit it’s peak? What will 2018 bring you fashion wise?

Last traces of irony

Of course we will still see the Balenciaga Edeka supermarket inspired logos everywhere this season but it is already a hype taste experience that is fading and not mouthwatering anymore. The ironic fake label T-shirts from the 90’s trend will definitely die this year – it has been funny for too long now.

The irony is becoming a little boring by now and it’s time to get a bit more serious about fashion again. It will be more about cuts and shapes and refining, but with the fun and lightheartedness Demna Gvasalia has inspired us to.

Dadcore transformation

The huge Dadcore trend – which is just the tip of the iceberg from the norm-core obsession – is for sure here to stay. But only if it transforms into something more than just super expensive vintage looking garments. It will have to step up the game as well.

I think in general fashion will go back to a more refined version. The eccentric mood will stay because we love to have unique statement pieces, but it will become more sophisticated and less homeless for sure. Also less overloaded like Alessandro Michele’s Gucci color-conglomerates. The industry will be even more influenced by the young and uprising eastern hemisphere fashion scene.

 My top labels/designers for 2018

2018 Forecast - Y/PROJECT


The Paris based label was founded by Yohan Serfaty in 2010. But only recently it has reached new heights with the involvement of Glenn Martens, who is also a Royal Academy of Fine Arts graduate like Demna Gvasalia (Glenn even was a fitting model for Demna back then). The Label is now the biggest thing after Vetements and it shows the direction – eccentric styles, but with an uplifting not already worn for years look.

2018 Forecast - Charles Cheffrey

Charles Jeffrey – LOVERBOY

From Central Saint Martins – the other big design breeding ground – rises the young and bright Jeffrey. His fashion is also uplifting bold and colourful – yet far away from norm-core boredom.

2018 Forecast - John Lawrence Sullivan


A boxer finally found his real profession. Sophisticated, intelligent clothing with just a splash of streetwear. Arashi Yanagawa already founded his brand in 2003, but I have the feeling this could be his year!



Made in China:

China is the new South Korea when it comes to the uprising creative fashion scene. “Made in China” is not only gaining popularity since Alexander Wang and finally not just for the wrong “we are cheap” reasons.

2018 Forecast - Xander Zhou

Xander Zhou

Coming from industrial design his creations are well constructed, architectural garments. After studying in the Netherlands he established his label in Beijing in 2007.

2018 Forecast - Fengchen Wang

Fengchen Wang

Woman power! Fengchen established her menswear collection in 2015 after graduating from the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. Wang made her runway debut with the Spring/Summer 2016 collection. And funnily enough her latest show even included “MADE IN CHINA” print t-shirts!



Pictures by Vogue.





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