Is it just me or is there a tendency towards getting polished again?


Looking homeless (by wearing mostly super pricy stuff) has been cool for quite a while now. But I dressing up and getting that uplifting effect by not getting picked by the local police when throwing something into a trash bin can be really elevating.
(Buy the way if you see homeless around Vienna in the cold these days please call: +43 1 480 45 53  Caritas will help)

Damir Doma

The croatian fashion designer is for me the next big comeback of 2018 (check Jil Sander in my last post) He is shifting more and more from the Rick Owens corner to a trend oriented fashion designer which in his case works out pretty well.

Raf Simons

The 2018 spring summer is inspired by Blade Runner including a big Joy Division revival.

3.1 Phillip Lim

Maybe not the most hyped designer at the moment. But for me still a solid grandeur of fashion.


Okay the reinvention of Calvin Klein and the hype around is already on its peak – but what Raf does here is for sure still outstanding!


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