Nerd stuff is sexy, that’s for sure. Especially when it comes with a vintage touch…


There is no better vintage workwear inspired brand on the market right now. Simple, but with the right amount of edge – the hottest brand of the moment and straight out of Berlin! Working with lots of deadstock materials, which are adding the extra vintage flair we all love so much.



Demna is still holding on to the peak! We don’t know how much longer we will appreciate the “Demna-fication” of fashion, but for now he still got it. Especially since he has a little help by Martine Rose for Balenciaga. She is by far the most promising menswear designer right now!


Martine Rose

Besides Raf Simons she’s probably the only serious menswear designer with a bright future ahead!


Acne Studios

In the mainstream blogger world Acne is already a benchmark. So it’s definitely not the hottest brand to cop anymore, but they still have some outstanding pieces (besides the Canada scarf, that everybody owns by now).