I went to Paris Men’s Fashion Week to get fresh inspirations – not only from the designer’s runway visions, but also from the streetstyle crowd. Well, the latter was a disappointment.

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Hype pieces

The up and coming fashion influencers seem to have no ideas or styling skills at all. It’s all about piling up hype pieces to a completely uninspiring all over look. Teeny tiny Supreme menspurses combined with loud Off White items and of course a baseball cap to make the look “cooler”. BTW: Distressed jeans with open knees are something only your grandma thinks is bad-ass. Not to forget the latest Nike collab sneakers – strictly limited and meant to be unique – but in this crowd they feel more like a boring uniform. Also a fanny-pack is not unique it’s mainstream by now.

Hypebeasts: The fidget spinners of fashion

Streetstyle seems to have turned into something like fidget spinners – spinning fast! (Today’s must have is tomorrow’s no-go). Supreme and all the brands around Kayne West including OFF-WHITE, A-COLD-WALL* and Heron Preston are just here to get kids hyped and take their money. Perfect for business. Real fashion design? Nope! It’s all about split seconds of coolness, faking what’s currently well-performing at other fashion brands and easily “digest-able” pieces.
Real good Streetstyle definitely is about complex design patterns, material combinations and an overall inspiring vision.

No uniqueness

The few older and more advanced styling experts you can spot before shows are becoming a rare phenomenon. These days they are mostly dressed in complete black to fight the colourful overall-logo streetwear bling bling world. But also this doesn’t speak uniqueness at all.


The conclusion for me is to just run into the shows, see the designer’s visions and head back to the hotel or go for a coffee – instead of waiting around before show venues to get inspired by the street crowd.

Where to get inspiration now

So is streetstyle dead? At least partially. To get inspired you really have to find the unique tastemakers. My main inspiration are fashion stylists from all over the world, who aren’t necessarily playing the streetstyle role. I will share a selection of my favourite stylists on the blog soon!

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