(Advertorial) It’s Bread&&Butter time! Zalando invites you to the biggest shopping fashion party of the season to Berlin – and it will be future forward.

Since I had joined the B&&B in 2016, but missed the spectacle last year, I’m more than happy to join this time again! So what will be going on this weekend (FR 31/08 to SUN 02/09) in Berlin? Here’s a little preview.

Zalando, Bread&&Butter, Soulland, Hugo, MSGMZalando, Bread&&Butter, Soulland, Hugo, MSGMZalando, Bread&&Butter, Soulland, Hugo, MSGMWhat’s next?

Zalando already invited real fashion influencers like Gully Guy Leo, UGLYWORLDWIDE and Kodie Shane to the preview in June. There are lots of short videos on B&&B’s Instagram channel where the stylefluencers are talking about what’s next in fashion. I hope to meet some of them in person this weekend too. Especially Leo Mandella – since I met him already in London for fashion week 2 years ago when he still was on the rise to become a fashion icon and rather unknown.

Zalando, Bread&&Butter, Soulland, Hugo, MSGMZalando, Bread&&Butter, Soulland, Hugo, MSGMZalando, Bread&&Butter, Soulland, Hugo, MSGM

Exclusive drops

The B&&B will bring around 100 new pieces of special B&&B exclusive styles by brands like Adidas, Nike, Timberland, Diesel and co. I’m especially excited for the Adidas Dad sneakers that will be released (I spotted those in the Insta Stories of the Bread&&Butter). You can buy everything on location including a free home delivery service – so you can still throw your hands in the air when Young Hurn is coming to the stage on Sunday!

There will be different brands on expo like the years before, but this time I’m super stoked for this first timer: The uprising magazine brand 032c will be there too! I’m so looking forward to that!

Zalando, Bread&&Butter, Soulland, Hugo, MSGM


If you love to customise styles (like I do) you will also have fun with the different workshops the Bread&&Butter offers this weekend.

My favourite Bread&&Butter workshops will be:

  • House of Vans Workshop: Here you can customise your Vans. For me they are still the number one skate and BMX shoes out there (tested by myself for years while I still had time to ride my BMX).
  • The North Face Workshop: Coming from the same imperium like Vans (vf corporation) here you will have the chance to customise the iconic duffle bag with special duct tape (which actually reminds me of the duct tape items from Raf Simons’ first NY show in 2017). You will definitely see me there – especially since I also used to work for The North Face some years ago – and when it comes to outdoor stuff it will be always the number one for me. (By the way: You also have the chance to win 66 Pinnacle limited edition Nuptse jackets by TNF – all customized with silver reflective tape. Fingers crossed!)

Zalando, Bread&&Butter, Soulland, Hugo, MSGMTalks

If you’re not only there to shop and party – there will also be some interesting (fashion) talks all around the festival.

  • I especially look forward to Christopher Raeburn’s talk with Timberland about sustainability and how we can live with an intelligent approach to style as both creators and consumers… > Friday 3:15pm at the HUAWEI Stage.
  • And probably a little more controversial: HOW INSTAGRAM CHANGED FASHION – a talk with the already mentioned fashion influencers… > Saturday 2:00pm at the HUAWEI Stage.

Zalando, Bread&&Butter, Soulland, Hugo, MSGMZalando, Bread&&Butter, Soulland, Hugo, MSGMZalando, Bread&&Butter, Soulland, Hugo, MSGMSound

And last but not least, the B&&B is not just a fashion expo, but also a music festival of sorts.

  • So, first and foremost: Lauryn Hill will be there. Okay, maybe you are too young to remember (I really hope you aren’t, but who knows), but her band the Fudgees were life changing back in the 90’s. So seeing her is an absolute Must Do! > Friday 8:45pm at the B&&B stage!
  • Live From Earth x Sports Records the Berlin collectives will set your pants on fire. > Saturday 8:30pm at the HUAWEI Stage.
  • Yung Hurn – the Austrian cloud rapper and biggest serious music export after Falko – will also be there. Speaking and living in the third person he will be there to ask himself “Wieso machst du das?” > Sunday 8:30pm at the HUAWEI Stage.

Get more info and tickets for the Bread&&Butter here!


Zalando, Bread&&Butter, Soulland, Hugo, MSGMMy Bread&&Butter look:

Shirt: Soulland by Zalando*
Wifebeater: Calvin Klein by Zalando
Trousers: Hugo by Zalando*
Sneakers: MSGM by Zalando*
Belt: Vintage


Location: 1050, Vienna
Photography: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr



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In collaboration with Zalando.