(Advertorial) Is fashion going to be more connected in the future? Will there be a fusion between fashion and technology? These questions are some of the main drivers of many creatives working on the intersection of technology and fashion. And Deutsche Telekom is supporting those visionary creatives to fulfil garments’ new needs.

Telekom Fashion Fusion, Interknitting,Telekom Fashion Fusion, Interknitting,Telekom Fashion Fusion, Interknitting,

Telekom Fashion Fusion

I had the chance to dig into the smart world of Telekom Fashion Fusion last week. The Fashion Fusion program is fostering the visionary ideas from start-up designers to use technology in new and intelligent ways – with the goal to create smart high tech wearables and services. – more info here.

Telekom Fashion Fusion, Interknitting,Telekom Fashion Fusion, Interknitting,Telekom Fashion Fusion, Interknitting,

The future is now

High tech garments are preached to be the next big thing for quite a while now.  But most of them are still not really integrated into our daily life. Just one example: Nike introduced the self lacing sneaker system based on the 90’s “Back to the future” trilogy into real life a while ago. But after a small impact and reports all over the media it went quiet again and I never saw anyone wearing them. And not to forget Google’s high tech glasses which also never made it to the masses.

Telekom Fashion Fusion, Interknitting,

The successful future

So what do we really need in the future? Which smart features will let us buy high tech fashion? Well, the simple truth is: we don’t know yet for sure. But Telekom Fashion Fusion is looking to find the answers and possible solutions. Therefore Telekom offers young creative tech geeks the right platform and supports them.

Telekom Fashion Fusion, Interknitting,vTelekom Fashion Fusion, Interknitting,

Smart winner

This year’s winner of the Fashion Fusion 2018 competition looks really promising. The technology project called “Keypod” is a small interactive unit, which makes pretty much everything smart founded by Sharon Greenberg und Einat Israeli. From gloves to jackets, sweaters and so on. The unit is small (around 7 by 2 centimetres), washable and has years of battery power. It basically adds interactive buttons to your daily clothes. So you don’t have to grab your mobile to interact anymore. This feels like winning back a little bit of the “analog world” with real buttons.

Telekom Fashion Fusion, Interknitting,

The end of Smartphones?

Futurists are already predicting that soon enough we won’t need smartphones anymore. The smartness will be integrated into clothes and most likely even into our bodies by the means of smart implants. The same principle goes for the second winner of Telkom Fashion Fusion called “Interknitting” – which I got to try for this project. Their sweater has a technology built in which is all about connecting people without the smartphone in your hands.

Telekom Fashion Fusion, Interknitting,

Power of Proximity

I had the pleasure to meet the super talented and creative Zsófi Lévai from Hungary and try out her pieces. Her creative concept called Power of Proximityg” makes human communication visible by using wearable knitted interfaces. By connecting the pullover to your Instagram account it will help you find similar minded individuals around you. The status of the human interaction is made visible by LEDs embedded into the clothing.

This way you can connect to people surrounding you. When the LEDs in your pullover light up you immediately know if you have chemistry. It’s pretty much like Tinder, but brought into the analog world. This might be a new way of finding friends when in a new town or maybe also a good chance to find Mrs. or Mr. Right. – more about Zsofi here.

Telekom Fashion Fusion, Interknitting,

The power of sleep

3rd place went this year to team Radice. Their invention called SORA is based on getting a good night’s sleep. SORA  founded by Nele Köstler and Jonas Diezun is an innovative sleeping mask, which is designed to help its user achieve a fresh and energetic start to the day.

Stay Connected

I tested the connecting knitwear with the lovely and inspirational Sigrid. She left Vienna just a few days later to live in Bold Berlin, but at least there was a last chance to connect with her via the means of technology :) And obviously she’s a really cool posing sparring partner for this photoshoot. Follow her on Instagram to stay connected too . ;)


Telekom Fashion Fusion, Interknitting,My Fashion Fusion Look:


Pullover: Power of Proximity – Zsófi Lévai
Trousers: MSGM
Sandals: Han Kjobenhavn x Teva





Location: 1010, Vienna – Austria
Photography: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr

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In collaboration with Telekom Fashion Fusion.