Actually, I have to disappoint you. This won’t be a shopping issue with all the new looks you need. I could’ve probably called it the “Anti Shopping” Issue as well.

the shopping issue, Balenciaga, fila


I think we all have enough of pretty much everything. We don’t need more – right? But why does this constant greed isn’t stopping? We tell ourselves – let’s just buy this one more piece, we need it, it wouldn’t hurt anybody – and we will get our satisfaction.


It’s all about satisfaction these days. It’s like we need more of everything. More clothes, more adventures (yes, you not only have to have things nowadays – you need to discover and rule the world by making the exact same picture like everyone already did at the exact same “secret” spot) and of course more entrepreneurship and more abs, and… well everything. But do we really need all of this? To be honest, mankind doesn’t seem to be getting much satisfaction by accumulating more. We all need a solid base of wealth (scientists draw a line at about 2000 dollars per month), but than if you go over that point everything kind of turns and becomes the opposite again.

I know that Social Media wasn’t the beginning of this endless greed, but it’s assisting a lot. Social Media is not only making us greedy and unhappy, it is literally killing kids by now… (there is even an wikipedia entry about that whole topic).

The devil wears the hype

Social Media really creates giants waves of FOMO. The tsunami is taking away our brains and sucks everything into an endless vortex of “hunger”. It also influenced the fashion industry. Before Social Media it was seasons, then it was pre-seasons and now it’s constant “drops”. But in all of that we suddenly feel dropped. There is so much everywhere all the time. Just open FB or Instagram now and you will be flooded by the announcement of new drops you need to get right now before it’s too late! If you don’t have the latest hype drop – I’m sorry but then you are out! Out from what exactly?

Commercial b****

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a commercial b**** myself – always have been. I like shopping :) But I also always preach to buy less, but good stuff. I always tend not to buy the latest collection, but rather really good design, which could also be from vintage stores. I have a passion for well designed stuff since I can remember. But do I need to own everything? A healthy clear mind is good for you, the environment and your wallet. But ladder is really not so important because money is always coming and going anyways. And I really don’t want to support cheap stuff here!

Because when you buy cheap fashion someone else has to pay the price.


So instead of showing you affiliate links (which won’t work anyway on my last season stuff) on which you should spend your money I rather tell you to get inspired, find your look and I will give you some tipps how you could spend your money on clothes or other stuff.

the shopping issue, Balenciaga, fila

Is it love?

Don’t buy the hyped stuff – it will get boring asap anyhow. Hyped designers are there for a reason. Their charisma is spreading and especially if they changed the fashion world they have “must have” glow attached. Most of the time the best design pieces from these artists are not the ones you see in every second Instagram pic. They have a lot more to offer – it’s not only Balenciaga if it’s written in huge letters somewhere ;) A good friend of mine has a good technique to fight the shopping addiction. She always asks herself “Is it Love?” with every piece she considers.

the shopping issue, Balenciaga, filathe shopping issue, Balenciaga, fila

The thrill

I think sometimes it’s even more thrilling if you have to save some money, but still want to buy the real nice stuff. It feels better to support great design, but saving on sale items ain’t a crime! Especially instead of going for ripp offs from the next fast fashion chain.

Let’s just think back for a moment: We all had that phase growing up when we had that one pair of sneakers we really were obsessing about. We saved all our pocket money for them and we would probably still wear them if they won’t have been completely destroyed by the everyday wear and tear. And those sneakers were love and joy and they also really lived and we lived in them too. We wore them everyday with every look and we didn’t have 20 pairs stacked all over our place, because quite frankly – we couldn’t afford it. It seems life was more simple and good in our one pair of sneakers… (or well, there was also less choice ;-) ). Shouldn’t every piece we own and wear feel like this one pair of sneakers?

My shopping look

Poloshirt: Balenciaga
Trousers: Vintage
Sneakers: Fila

Location: Some Supermarket in Florida
Photography: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr