Beauty knows no pain – right? I tend to disagree!

Here to stay

The athleisure and sportswear trend is here to stay. Clothes have to be functional & easy – because comfort is becoming our shelter in the world. But that doesn’t mean that they have to become boring. A good garment has to be like the iPhone (at least in it’s early stages). Pleasing to look at yet easy to use while fulfilling our daily needs.


The sources and inspirations for the new casual look comes from workwear and military garments. Nothing new to the fashion world, but it was never more en vogue. My most favourite brand at the moment is GMBH from Berlin – they do exactly this: Workwear celebration. They even embed this mantra into their logo with two crossed hammers.


Also classic labels like E.Tautz produce solid chinos and well made norm core objects of desire. Sustainability and fair trade unfortunately are still rare properties of brands these days. The new heritage workwear brands are not just honest with their robust and useful clothes they are also sustainable – including good working conditions for their sewers and other employees in the garment industry.

Casual, GMBH, E.Tautz, Acne Studios, Marni


Also the new uprising label PHIPPS by Spencer Phipps – a former menswear designer at Dries Van Noten – uses sustainable manufacturing processes and is committed to environmental responsibility. With a refillable waterbottle as one of the key pieces you get the idea how eco-friendly the designer is.

Another label which has been here for some years by now and which strictly goes for fair trade “made in Germany” clothes is A KIND OF GUISE. All in all I’m more than happy that finally you can get some decent sustainable clothes! Nope, H&M and Primark are not decent and will never be really sustainable – even tough they are the biggest customer of organic cotton (yet it still only makes for a fraction of their sales).

Milan Fashion Week Sideplot

This pics were made during Milan fashion week – where I shot the first YouTube video for Austrian blogger icon Carola from Vienna Wedekind with the idea to show the Fashion Week madness. Make sure to watch it to get an idea of how these fashion week days look like! In between shows and showroom meetings I also had the chance to jump in front of the lens of her talented husband Patrick Böcker. Hope you like his pics!

My casual look

Hoodie: GMBH – similar here
Shirt: Acne Studios – similar here
Trousers: E.Tautz
Belt: Enniu – similar here
Sneakers: Marni







Location: Some place in Milan.
Photography: Patrick Böcker

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