The daunt of every stylist has become a new respectable way of dressing. Wearing mono brand-looks even in monochrome tones creates a certain uniformity, which leaves a superclean overall look.

Marni x ZalandoMarni x ZalandoMarni x Zalando

The Monochrome

Wearing monochrome looks is nothing new – I would rather say it’s something which was much more present in the past, when people got their looks tailored by their favourite next door tailor. Monochrome looks have the power to focus the attention on what’s important. The Zen moment of dressing – creating silence for your eyes by purifiying the overall concept.

Marni x ZalandoMarni x ZalandoMarni x Zalando


Stylists don’t love to create looks from just one brand, since it’s less of creating something entirely new. And sometimes creating a look from one brand can lack some ease. But since Raf Simons brought back that uniform character a few seasons seasons ago with his work for Calvin Klein the mono brand look has become socially accepted. Especially the seventies inspired denim jeans suits seem to be like the disclosure for the fashion cool kids.

Marni x ZalandoMarni x ZalandoMarni x ZalandoMarni x ZalandoMarni x Zalando

Marni capsule collection

To get the mono-brand vision I wen’t for an allover-look from the Marni capsule collection exclusively sold by Zalando.  A whole head to toe vision! Including hats and bags. The key feature of the collection is a doodled rabbit. Is it a funny coincidence bringing out the rabbit right before Christmas? Or just a wink to how fast fashion is moving these days? Follow the rabbit here.

Marni x ZalandoMy look

Jacket: Marni *
Jeans Jacket: Marni *
Shirt: Marni *
Jeans: Marni *
Socks: 032c – similar here
Sneakers: Marni *
Pearl necklace: borrowed from mother in law



Location: Seestadt, 1220 Vienna
Photography: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr



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Thanks for the look to Zalando.