Does workwear save us from a world full of illusion?


Probably not and maybe the world even is an illusion itself? But wearing laid-back styles can set the right mood in this shiny superficial world. It seems everything and everyone is fake and pretending to be awesome these days. Shining with big logos and bold cheap fast fashion pieces. A culture arisen from the glowing world of influencers. ” They pretend to buy pieces they don’t wear to impress people they don’t like to get fame they don’t really need. ”


Some of us just want to eat a sandwich without creating a perfect picture set up also these days. And yes, you are still fine if you don’t go to the gym everyday and it’s also okay to wear some clothes on pictures. Don’t get me wrong I love nudity and especially nipples (thanks fucking facebook) but selling products through uncovered skin is the most simplest and primitivist way of advertising and only mastered by some individuals like Tom Ford.

An ode to Workwear

Workwear inspirations are nothing new to the fashion world. With online stores such as Tradies Workwear Shop, the trendiness and popularity of working clothes seems to be on the rise. Already in the 90’s brands like Dickies and Carhartt arose in the streetwear culture. Nowadays the workwear inspiration soaked through the high fashion industry. Workwear brings you back to basic – it’s functional and long lasting. Exactly what we need now in this overconsuming world. Can it still be fun? – Yes, of course check the sustainable colorful pieces from designers like Vyner Articles or Phipps. But keep in mind buy less and if just the good stuff and please say no to fast fashion!


My look:

Jacket: Balenciaga
Isolating Jacket: The North Face – similar here
Pullover: Calvin Klein 205W39NYC – similar here
Jeans: Vyner Articles – similar here
Sneakers: Novesta



Location: London, UK
Photography: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr



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