This issue should actually be called the anti-hype issue. But to be honest who would read that?


Are you still hyped?

In fashion everything moves in the speed of light – what you bought today is not en vogue tomorrow. Seasons became drops and limited workshop pieces. It’s all about keeping up and having the latest It-piece(s). The question is – do we need the hype? Has Instagram and social media in general overhyped us to the point where we get overwhelmed and exhausted?


Out of the masses

Since overproduction is all pervasive the need for uniqueness and being nonconformist has become an urgent need. Unfortunately exactly this search for the most hyped and uncommon It-pieces has become mainstream again. From the junky sneakers to the loud logo culture.


The Hype

But hyped trends have always been there since my early fashion childhood memories – from Dr. Martens and flanel shirts to the raver youth culture. But these days everything moves a little faster. When you had your Docs for around 5 years back in the days – now you have to get new ones every season or drop.

I think this has to stop and it’s time to fall in love with your fashion pieces again instead of just getting hyped. And no, not in a tinder kind of way more in a long term relationship way!


Pause the Hype

Slow it down – don’t believe the hype. Buy less, but the good stuff! Think twice before you go for the hype stuff. Some pieces like the teddy fur jacket I’m wearing here are maybe already “out”, but if you love them and maybe they even have become a daily companion it doesn’t matter if it’s in or out – it makes you happy and that’s it! Always ask yourself: “Does it spark joy?” ;)


The-hype-issue-Martine-Rose-Folk-editionsmr-goodnewsMy look:

Jacket: Napa by Martine Rose
Pullover: Folk – Zalando
Trousers: Éditions M.R – Zalando
Sneakers: Good News
Belt: From a second hand store.






Location: 1050, Vienna
Photography: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr

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