(Advertorial) It’s definitely time to smile more on this blog! And to make the best out of my smile DDr. Baerbel Reistenhofer is my dentist of choice for an Invisalign treatment. Read all about why and how I decided to get my “lion teeth” fixed!

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Medical history

I already wore (removable) braces when I was around the age of 8. But I was a kid and can barely remember really wearing them – also because of the plastic palate middle piece, which made me almost gag while wearing it. Some of you maybe remember that part and also the strange taste this metal plastic combined piece left in the mouth. Conclusion: My first braces helped somehow, but not really on a long term base.

Reistenhofer, Invisalign,Reistenhofer, Invisalign,Reistenhofer, Invisalign,

Right here right now

Time passed by and I didn’t bother too much about my prominent canine tooth and overall malposition. But recently I discovered an unusual wear and tear of my incisors which was due to the misalignment of my front teeth. And since I’m a fan of natural teeth and also a fan of having healthy teeth I decided it’s time to fix them before it’s too late.

Reistenhofer, Invisalign,Reistenhofer, Invisalign,Reistenhofer, Invisalign,

DDr. Baerbel Reistenhofer

This decision led me to DDr. Baerbel Reistenhofer pretty fast – who is an official “Invisalign Diamond handler” which means she was one of the first offering Invisalign in Austria. Therefore she has lots of experience if not even the most experience with the technique here in Vienna. Her modern clinic in the 9th district of Vienna is absolutely state of the art in dental care. But more than that – she and her team are super friendly, professional and very welcoming, which for me is maybe the most important part when it comes to dentists. ;)

So it also comes as no surprise that you can find her on Austria’s best dentist lists too.

More info about the DDr. Reistenhofer and her team here.

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The treatment

DDr. Reistenhofer’s clinic is also equipped with the latest 3d scan hard and software to make sure everything is most accurate and you get the best possible fit for your Invisalign aligners. The Invisalign method means you get invisible aligners which will be changed at least every second week. This is currently the most advanced system to get your teeth corrected.

After my first two sessions to collect the exact data for my new smile and the super important expert advice from Reistenhofer’s team I’m more than ready to receive my first aligners. They will be ready in about 6 weeks. I will keep you updated on my Insta Stories for the whole period of the treatment:


And of course there will also be a blogpost when everything is aligned in about a year and a half – so you can see the real difference!

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Happily ever after

To keep the teeth in place after the whole Invisalign treatment I will wear a retainer for the night time in the future. To be sure that everything stays in place they will also place a small invisible wire on the inside of my teeth at the end of the treatment. This way the final position of my smile will be permanent.

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Jacket: Soulland
Pullover: Balenciaga
Trousers: Acne Studios
Sneakers: MSGM
Socks: Falke

Photography: Kady Kirchmayr
Location: DDr. Baerbel Reistenhofer, Rooseveltplatz 12/3 • 1090 Wien

Unpaid collaboration – the braces and treatment have been provided by DDr. Baerbel Reistenhofer.