&Beyond – the name speaks for itself. My absolut favourite place from my last Botswana trip was the &Beyond camp Xaranna in the Okawango Delta.

&Beyond Xaranna,&Beyond Xaranna,&Beyond Xaranna,

Fly-in Safari

To reach this hidden treasure in the Okawango Delta you have to use an airplane. It’s really exciting to land in this vast landscape full of wilderness. It’s also very common that you have to clear the landing strips from elephants or other wildlife before landing. Such happened on our last flight before the airplane could land a herd of elephant crossed the strip. The rangers had to shoo them away.

&Beyond Xaranna,&Beyond Xaranna,&Beyond Xaranna,

&Beyond Xaranna

The super luxurious camp is equipped with 9 air-conditioned tent suites. Every suite comes with it’s own pool (which also used by wild elephants as a drinking station – especially in the dry season). A spacious shower and bathing area is awaiting you inside and another one outside if you prefer to shower under the sky.

&Beyond Xaranna,&Beyond Xaranna,

&Beyond Xaranna,

And hard to imagine, but there is even wifi in your room out in the vast African wilderness!!! A supercozy canopy-style bed is the heart of the tent. You won’t want to leave this place again.

&Beyond Xaranna,&Beyond Xaranna,&Beyond Xaranna,


An elevated dining and lounge areal with a water hole view is the perfect place to hang out, get food & drinks and relax after the game drive. I could sit there for hours watching different kinds of species from elephants to wart hog playing at the water. The food you get served  is outstanding, also when it comes to vegetarian options!

&Beyond Xaranna,&Beyond Xaranna,&Beyond Xaranna,


Exceptional wildlife

At the &Beyond Xaranna camp I also experienced the most impressive wildlife sightings from the whole trip. From leopards to lions, which even had little lion cubs to giraffes, wild dogs with puppies, hyenas, elephant, buffaloes and so on…. Sightings beyond imagination ;) When there is enough water – you even can join a boat safari. Full story about the wildlife soon on thetravelbog.at!

More information about the &Beyond Xaranna camp here.


&Beyond Xaranna,My look:

Sunglasses: Dior
Shirt: Diesel
T-Shirt: Alicia Pagepoy
Trousers: E.Tautz
Socks : Falke
Sneakers: Converse
Hat: From the local shop at &Beyond Xaranna




Location: &Beyond Xaranna, Botswana – Africa
Photography: Lady Venom / Marion Vicenta Payr


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