(Unpaid collaboration) 37 aligners and one and a half year laters I finished my project “Lionteeth”. How was my experience? Would I recommend the Invisalign treatment or would I look at other clear braces options? Read all about my journey here.

These are the frequently asked questions about my invisible braces, that I collected throughout my treatment. Usually people wouldn’t even recognise that I was wearing braces, but the topic usually came up when there was food on offer. That’s the only moment people noticed something, when I had to take out my aligners to eat ;) So without further ado – here are the questions to give you a solid overview:

Invisalign, Dr. ReistenhoferInvisalign, Dr. Reistenhofer

Would I recommend the Invisalign treatment?

I can honestly and confidently say I recommend the Invisalign treatment with DDr. Reistenhofer. I actually should have started with the straightening process much earlier! The result is fantastic and the whole process was easy. Let me explain why!

Does it hurt?

No, the treatment doesn’t hurt (as opposed to regular braces)! Only the very first aligners are a bit uncomfortable – you might feel some pressure, but this stops after the first two or three days. After that there’s virtually no discomfort – even when switching to new aligners the pressure goes away after a few minutes! And really it’s nothing compared to my first metal wire braces I had when I was a child.

Dr. Reistenhofer, Invisalign

Is it uncomfortable?

Of course at first you need some time to adapt. But after a short period of two or three weeks you get so used to the aligners, that you won’t mind them. In fact at some point the extra “cover” on your teeth feels good after a while. Especially the soft surface of the aligners makes you miss them when you take them out (especially since you can always feel the attachments on your teeth). These attachments are like the anchors, holding the aligners on your teeth and can be a little sharp edged sometimes.
In the beginning I had some issues with the back of my mouth since the gums where a little irritated from the aligner edge in the back. But the super nice team of DDr. Reistenhofer came to rescue by filing the edges of the aligners a little bit and after that I had no issues. What can happen is that your lips get a little drier (I guess because the flow of saliva gets interrupted a bit), but it’s nothing to worry about – you can just use a little more lip balm and you are fine. This will also become less of a problem during the course of the treatment.


How long does it take?

The duration of the treatment depends on the malpositioning of your teeth. But generally speaking around 1 – 2 years is normal.

Why DDr. Reistenhofer?

When it comes to teeth I’m very careful and selective to get the best treatment out there. After searching around in Vienna for a while (I checked 3 more Invisalign doctors) I stumbled across DDr. Reistenhofer. She has the longest in-depth experience with the Invisalign treatment and is certified to offer it. So after careful consideration I was sure to go to her. I also love the warm and welcoming team very much.

Dr. Reistenhofer, InvisalignAnd after the treatment?

After the treatment you can decide to get some wires or aligners for the night to fix your new glorious smile for the future. So, yes you won’t be completely finished, but have to still take care to keep the teeth in place. Since, I’m also grinding my teeth at night I chose the night aligners as opposed to the fixed wire. This serves a double purpose for me and I’m happy to have them in at night and nothing in my mouth during the day.

Invisalign, dr. Reistenhofer


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Unpaid collaboration

– the braces and treatment have been provided by DDr. Baerbel Reistenhofer.