(advertorial) When it comes to coffee I‘m still a dinosaur – I enjoy my simple espresso since over 15 years. But time hasn‘t stopped and now Nespresso brings in the new VERTUO Next.

Vertuo Next, NespressoVertuo Next, Nespresso

So what features are built into the new Nespresso VERTUO system?

The VERTUO system is based on Nespresso’s innovative centrifusion technology which needed 7 years in research. That brings control over the whole extraction process and with that comes the vast possibility to enjoy a variety of different kinds of quality coffees with the ease of one touch! In simpler terms that means you get excellent coffee. From espresso to the currently booming pour over and cold brew styles which you otherwise only find in your hipster coffee shop.

Vertuo Next, NespressoVertuo Next, NespressoVertuo Next, Nespresso

How does the VERTUO system work?

There is a barcode on the rim of every VERTUO capsule. With this barcode the machine can read with a laser the exact data needed to brew each different kind of coffee. From preheating to brewing and drying the new VERTUO Next coffee machine uses the the new cenrifusion technology. The technology spins the capsule (up to 7000 rotations per minute) always in the right way to make sure you get the exceptional silky crema and of course a super tasteful aroma out of each capsule.

The new system also allows you to fill a full carafe with coffee with only one special capsule – your grandma would be proud and the nostalgic feeling of her filtered coffee comes back – but of course with an advanced taste experience!

Vertuo Next, NespressoVertuo Next, NespressoVertuo Next, Nespresso

Now you wonder is it complicated to use this new machine?

No, it’s absolutely not! It’s still the same user-friendly system you know since years from Nespresso and it even evolved! So you need only one button because the machine does the rest. You only have to choose the coffee capsule of choice.

The new VERTUO Next coffee machine is also made of 54% recycled plastic. And as you may know already from previous post about Nespresso the capsules are recyclable.

And with the new VERTUO system also comes a variety of different capsules from organic espressi to the long cup and even full carafe version. Just the perfect coffee everytime you need it!

More info about the Nespresso VERTUO Next here.

Vertuo Next, Nespresso

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