Rosa Mosa – stands for effortless shoes and accessories with character, made with traditional craftsmanship. Pieces which radiate a timeless appeal and are looking almost traditional.

The label was founded by Simone Springer from Salzburg and Yuji Mizobuchi from Kyoto. All pieces are locally and ethically made in traditional Austrian and Eastern European manufactories. They reflect on traditions and culture by combining the new nonchalant and easy way to dress with high-end handicrafts to get you that instant artsy appeal. I’m a super fan of mules these days and Rosa Mosa’s Net Panto Mule Clog is my absolute must-have item of the season!
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Mule clog: Rosa Mosa
Longsleeve: Homme Plissé by Issey Miyake
Trousers: Story MFG – similar here

Location: Belmond Castello Di Casole, Tuscany – Italy
Photography: lady venom / Marion Vicenta Payr