black is always a good decision. it fits perfectly for almost every occasion and for sure also for your daily business.

here is the new bs backpack from this week’s “moody mondays” in action. the bs backpack is not just good looking but also really practical. i packed my whole outfit with shoes into this bad boy. this was necessary, because i drove a long road to this location and to prevent my outfit from looking like i was sleeping in it, i had to change at the location.

the location is the kunsthalle krems in lower austria, which is showing a stunning ernesto neto exhibition at the moment (until 1st of november). ernesto neto who is originally from brazil is known for his astonishing large, soft, biomorphic sculptures that fill an exhibition space and lets viewers touch, poke, and walk in or through the sculptures. the idea is to speak to all the senses of a visitor and this is so true! so the perfect space for a photo shoot as well ;)

the porsche design sport by adidas collection is blending really well into this futuristic fantasy land. because the future is now!

backpack: porsche design sport by adidas – available soon
jacket: porsche design sport by adidas
tank top: porsche design sport by adidas – from the summer collection
sneakers: porsche design sport by adidas
trousers: matthew miller
sunglasses: ashburry vintage

location: kunsthalle krems, lower austria
photographer: lady venom


in friendly collaboration with porsche design sport by adidas